Vote No on Measure W

Vote No on measure W

We Demand Real Transportation Solutions


This Transportation Tax Will Not Solve Our Problems

Taxes have created our congestion problems. Forty years of taxing San Mateo County to "relieve congestion" has instead built unimaginable levels of gridlock. The improving economy has showcased the serious shortfalls. The result is that most of us are stuck in traffic with no safe or efficient alternate choices. Our billions have been misspent on the county supervisors' favorite pet projects. Pollution has built up, adding known carcinogens to our air and water. Greenhouse gas emissions are worsening climate change in the fires and droughts we see around us. We can do better--vote no on the SamTrans sales tax and send a message. We need a better plan before we part with additional funds to augment the 2004 Measure A, which runs through 2034.


Here we go again. Another ballot measure that promises us that if we just raise taxes again, traffic congestion will go away.
— Palo Alto Daily Post Editorial, October 10 2018


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